Welcome to the SHP Project

Challenge stigma
Take back responsibility
Challenge medication
Accept emotional response
Choose love
Break stigma over being mad
Raise awareness
Build confidence self esteem
Self harm and suicidal thoughts are not the demon we have been told. It is better to burn than to disappear.

I want to change how we view mental health. I want to break the stigma.

You know how some people are struggling with their emotions, but the system seems to let them down at times? Well, what I do is help them to find an emotional balance and successful mindset in a fun and honest way.

I want this world to see mental health not through the eyes of illness, but through the eyes of wellness. 

A person who understands their emotional reaction is a person who can acknowledge it, say hello to it, and then deal with it in the appropriate way.

My mission is to give us balance with our emotions.

Heard on BBC Radio Kent, Hero of the Week; and on Cordelia Kate’s Rebellious Business Podcast.

Photo by Marcelo Chagas on Pexels.com

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